Commercial Sessions

What we can offer Commercial Clients;

As continual health and safety regulations adapt and change it is now essential for organisations to
ensure that they have taken all measurable actions to reduce stress-related illness.
This does not put all the onus on employers, as members of society, we have a duty of care not only
to others but also to ourselves. Self-responsibility is core in emotional fitness and health just as
our physical fitness and health.

Should someone take the time to identify changes in your behaviour patterns and attitudes then
please consider your next step. As with all ailments, there is a wide variety of products on offer.

We offer a range of specifically tailored workshops which can be run independently or specified to your

These workshops will be led by our qualified therapists and facilitators catering for all learning styles.

Some of our CPD workshops have included

Dealing with Anxiety
Stress Management
Coping with the after effects of suicide

Should your organisation be struggling with a specific emotional health matter, low morale, high
absence, dealing with a trauma then we can tailor a subject to your needs to ensure that all
emotional needs are being met.

This will include:

Group work
Learning new skills
Coping Strategies


Are you needing some independent mediation in relation to staff grievances, lack of teamwork
then we can help.

With the services of our trained mediators, we can assist in your organisation, with both employer and
employee to attempt to reach a more satisfactory way forward

We can facilitate independent mediation space or attend on site.

Assistance with appraisals and staff conflict is also available on request

Emotion Support

This is where your staff can use our one to one personal sessions to support them through an issue.

These sessions are confidential from the company and no one will know who is allocated to them.
Contact is maintained with the coordinator who will agree a pre-booked amount of sessions which
are valid for 1 year.
Should they be used prior to the expiry then communication is made with the coordinator at
regular intervals updating them on usage.
Emotional Support sessions clients have the full accessibility of our private clients to our wide range
of services.

We can also provide allocated times on site where one of our fully trained members of staff can be
available on a drop-in approach if this is appropriate for organisations.