Our role is to provide practical solutions and assistance to our clients to help relieve some of the presenting symptoms, both physically and emotionally.

After building a trusting, safe environment and relationship, along with a qualified therapist, clients can then take a step into therapy.

This is a progressive journey throughout different sessions whereby new thinking, behavioural and coping skills can be learnt.

Therapy is a practical activity that will offer some respite or relief from symptoms.

Everyone has a different way of coping, learning and understanding yet we are creatures of behavioural patterns.

So what can you do to break the behavioural patterns that you succumb to time and time again?

Once an option to develop/change/grow has been identified we are able then to produce a bespoke therapy programme to ensure that you have access to the most appropriate service options for you.


There are a wide range of practical therapies that you can choose from including

  • Traditional Talking Therapy – access to a multitude of theory basis set within our lovely rural setting
  • Animal Assisting Therapy – using a variety of animals to assist in a goal solution-focused therapy programme
  • Drama Therapy – using drama skills and techniques to assist in the therapy process
  • Art Therapy – using paint, ink and a variety of art skills and therapy techniques to allow a client to fully engage and express themselves openly and safely
  • Body Trauma Therapy – your  body can hold on to trauma and this technique allows a client’s body to release this as the sessions continue
  • Colour Therapy – using colours as a form of expression and discussion
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Herb-ology

The client has the freedom to have a selection of all the therapies within an agreed programme to ensure the true potential of therapy is found.

We are the only multi animal-assisted therapy practice in Scotland at the moment and offer programmes including courses with horses, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, guinea pigs, donkeys, ferrets and tortoises. This is to ensure that all needs can be met in relation to age, mobility, allergies and fears.

Our therapy sessions do not only happen within our centres but we can also take them outside into the beautiful countryside, so if sitting in a room is not your style then this may be the emotional health centre for you.