About Us

Unique flagship of an emotional health centre where you are the core.
Allowing tailored care to ensure you have the ability to live life to your full potential.

Wishing Well is your local emotional health centre. We are aiming to remove all clinical barriers and change attitudes towards the importance of maintaining positive emotional health. Emotional health is the ability to cope with life. It is also the underpinning of who we are. Our emotional health affects our physical health, workability, financial status and relationships.

Established in 2016, initially Wishing Well worked only with private clients on a “one-to-one” basis throughout Angus and Tayside. The first emotional well-being centre was opened at Murton Farm (where our animal therapy sessions are held) and since then our company has expanded allowing us to grow to the 3 sites as of 2018 all based in and around Forfar, Angus.

Our friendly team of 10 practitioners specialise and have expertise in a variety of methodologies to ensure you or your company get the very best in service and support.

All our team are fully qualified, certified and insured.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wishing Well.